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Will I Ever See Daylight Again?

Will I Ever See Daylight Again?

by Peter Stone

I feel like a bird trapped in a small birdcage,
A birdcage hidden at the bottom of a dark basement.
And all I want to do is break out of the blackness,
And fly into the Sonlight which waits outside.
I can feel it, the Light Ė
Itís all around the basement.
The Light is greater than the basement.
All I want to do is get into that Light,
And loose myself in it.
But it is an impossible task Ė I canít get out.
And the thick, murky black air closes inÖ

I feel like Iím in a room with invisible walls.
But itís so black in the room,
That I canít see through the walls.
And I am the centre of the room.
Where I go, the room goes Ė I canít get out.
I wish someone would chain the room still,
So I could get out into the Light outside.

There must be Light outside! I can remember it!
And other people I see everyday walk in it.
But how do I get out?
How do I get to the Light?

Oh Jesus, You are the Light of the world.
Please shatter this darkened prison I live in,
And take me into Your light.
Let it consume me, encompass me, surround me.
Let me become one with You, You in me, me in You.

Will this nightmare ever end?
Those who have been here before me,
Have left sign posts along the way,
Showing the way out.
But they all say the same thing:
ďWait, youíll come through it,
it doesnít feel like it now, but you will come through it.
Life will be normal again one day.Ē

© Copyright Peter Stone 1990
Peter Stone shares his experiences with and recovery from severe depression on his blog,

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