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  • Will I Ever See Daylight Again
    • Sometimes I just want to die. A lot of times really.
  • Depression Poems
    • God is light, and there is no darkness at all in him
  • Giving Up Antidepressants
    • No matter which anti-depressant you take, after a while it’s likely you’ll want to stop taking it and try “flying solo” again. Having been down that p
  • Depressed In Church
    • I spoke at Synod one year about my depression, and it was surprising to have some clergy come up afterwards to say thanks, and to tell me of their own
  • Christians With Depression
    • Churches tend to be places of happy, smiling, well-healed people, which is a pain in the neck when you’re depressed.
  • Depression And Suicide
    • Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves. Walter Anderson
  • Depression And Sexuality
    • Sometimes I just want to die. A lot of times really.
  • Post Partum Depression
    • My name is Narelle, I am a 41 year-old married Christian woman and I suffer from depression. The following is my story and a few of the lessons I’ve
  • Life After Antidepressants
    • I was standing at the door of the Youth Centre office, smiling and laughing. In the kitchen, alongside me, were a dozen or so of our girls doing a ‘st
  • Getting Through Depression
    • Let me just say starting out - I am not a Doctor, Psychiatrist, or even a Counselor. However, I have gotten through 7 years of Major Clinical Depressi
  • Overcoming Depression
    • In the early 1970’s I embarked upon a career in the film and television industry. The ‘hippy’ movement had become almost mainstream culture for teenag
  • Manic Depression
    • My undergraduate degree in Psychology informs me that no one can cause us to do anything, we must make the choice, and no one can really upset us unle
  • The Loneliness Of Depression
    • I have never been under the illusion that depression was anything other than a silent, painful, and lonely disease. Unfortunately, not everyone knows


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